We Are Superior In Terms Of QUALITY. Why ?
26 Mar, 2019
We Are Superior In Terms Of QUALITY. Why ?

We are one of the leading industries in Nepal, supplying high quality plywood and products to corporate houses, architects, designers and individuals.Our products range stands for assured quality. Being an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, every steps are taken to maintain superb quality control methods for its production. With advanced processes and sophisticated plant and machinery in place, we aim at continuously bettering our performance and consumers trust.


We have stepped into the profession of shaping , toning wood and treating wood , we have never missed the opportunity to  understand the finer nuances of this art. Being on the lookout for most special varieties of wood across Nepal has been a hobby and passion to us.


From the kitchen to the living room to the boardrooms our plywood has strengthened them all. We believe we have made significant impact on the wooden side of life!


We are always dedicated to our costumer needs and their choices. We have maintained our quality since our establishment. Why we are better than other’s ? Here are our strengths and features.

    • Managed by Expert and Experienced people.
    • Manufactured by Modern and sophisticated Machines and Technology.
    • Quality Treatment to make safe against termite and borer.
    • Use of standard raw materials.
    • Treated and Seasoned  timbers are used in Block Boards
    • Use of High quality Resins.
    • Quality Control check before sending to Market.
    • Effective and useful in shuttering.
    • Once bought; multiple use for multiple times
    • High capacity of adjusting over load.