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My Best Friend

My Best Friend

Apr-06-2017  |   Dilasha Vaidya [Grade Five]

I have many friends in my life, but there is one friend in particular who has remained loyal to me through thick and thin. Her name is Jasmine. We met for the first time in grade two when she was a new student. She was quite shy at the time. The more time we spent together, the more our friendship grew. Now she knows how to read my moods and always does her best to cheer me up. Sometimes, we fight over certain issues but yet again our friendship continues.

We share many similarities and dissimilarities. Both of us are peace loving in nature. We have different personalities but we get along just fine. She loves gathering with friends while I prefer being by myself. We both share all our good times, difficulties, and problems. She is really kind, faithful, helpful, and soft hearted. She has always helped me and has never let me down. Many friends have come and gone. She is the only one who has remained very close to me and the friendship we share is really kind and I am forever thankful that I found her.