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Forests Of Nepal

Jan-05-2017  |   Ram Rohan Lamichhane [Grade VIII]

25.4% of Nepal's land area, or about 36.360km2. [14,039sq mi] is covered with forests according to FAO figures from 2006. FAO estimates that around 9.6% of Nepal's forest cover consists of primary forests which is relatively intact. About 12.1% of Nepal's forest is classified as protected while about 21.4% is conserved according to FAO. About 5.1% of nepal's forest's is classified as production forest. between 2000-2005, Nepal last about 2,640km2[1,019sq mi] of forest . Nepal's 2000-2005 total deforestation rate was about 1.4% per year meaning it lost an average of 53km2[205sq mo] of forest annually. Nepal's total deforestation rate from 19902000 was 920km2[355sq mi] or 2.1% per year. The 2000-2005 true deforestation rate in Nepal, defined as the loss of primary forest; is 0.4% or 70km2[27sq mi] per year.

Deforestation is driven by multiple processes. virtually throughout the nation, over harvest of firewood remain problematic. despire the availability of liquefied petroleum gas in towns and cities, firewood is sold more at energy-competitive prices because cutting and selling it is a fall back when better employment oppurtunities aren't forth coming.