Blog 5th Interact District Conference In Pokhara

5th Interact District Conference in Pokhara

5th Interact District Conference In Pokhara

Nov-08-2018  |   Grishma Khatri [Grade X – Greatwall]

The morning of June 29th, 2018 was rainy and dark. But to me, it was exciting as I was leaving for Pokhara with my fellow Interactors to attend the 5th Interact District Conference. Basically, Interact is a sister organization of Rotary International and Interact District Conference is a conference where Interactors from a country gather together to enhance and build friendship with one another, attend educational sessions, perform team development activities, showcase our talents and most importantly, learn new things while having fun.

I, with other Interactors from my school, left for Pokhara on June 29th at 7:30 AM from T inkune. The journey was about 8 hours long accompanied by eye catching vistas and scenery. When we reached our destination, we received a warm welcome from the awesome organizing committee of the conference who have also my good friends for a long time. Afterwards, we were led to our hotels where we freshened up and rested for a while. Our main venue for the event was Saiman Party Palace. So, we went there to have our dinner and meet our old as well as new Interactor friends.

The second day was the opening ceremony of the conference. Everyone dressed up formally and attended the opening ceremony and sessions that followed afterwards. We attended the sessions of various Rotarians, Rotaractors and other dignitaries with the topics like Leadership, Strategic Planning, Human Sexuality, etc. After we were done with the sessions, we were given some time to roam around and have fun. Later, we returned to the venue for dinner and left for the hotel after we were done eating.

On the third day, we had some more sessions about Gender Disparity, Standing Networks of Rotaract and experiences of Miss. and Mr. Rotaract 2017. Everyone was amazed by seeing the enthusiasm of Everestian Interactors that day. We received lots of compliments and it was a moment when all of us were proud of each other. After the sessions, we were introduced to the new board members of Interact District and upcoming plans and projects for Rota Year 2018/19. Then we had the closing ceremony of the conference     and afterwards, the interactors from Interact Club of Everest  English School and Interact Club of LRI were taken for a visit to Phewa Lake as a reward for our great performance in the conference. We had lots of fun over there. With that the third day came to an end.

The fourth day was the touring day. The plan was to take all of us to Sarangkot early in the morning to watch the sunrise but the rain ruined it all. So, the first destination of that day was the Bat cave. It was slippery and dark but really interesting. We really wanted to explore the cave some more but we couldn’t due to some problems. Then we went to Mahendra Cave. We got to explore it more thoroughly as it was not so slippery and had enough place to walk unlike Bat Cave. Then we went to Phewa Lake for boating. We were provided with life jackets for safety. We saw the real beauty of Phewa Lake while we were boating. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. After boating, we were taken to the venue for lunch. We stayed there for a while and left for the World Peace Pagoda. We went over there on foot. It was hectic as it was a long ways away and the weather was hot and humid and we were already tired from all the things we did earlier that day. But when we finally reached there, the peaceful environment and beauty of that place made our tiredness fade away. The view of Pokhara from that place was refreshing. We spent some more time over there and returned for dinner for it was already getting dark.

The last day, when we had to bid goodbye to Pokhara and friends who were almost like our family, eventually arrived. We cried our hearts out and left for home. No one wanted to leave but it was inevitable.

Lastly, I’d like to thank our Principal for permitting us to attend the conference and Astha teacher for leading us and for taking care of us while we were there. I am forever grateful to Interact because it brought so many awesome people, knowledge and experiences into my life that hopefully will last forever and I am proud to say that I’m an Interactor.